Silicon Valley Recruiters Top 5 Ways To Use LinkedIn In Your Job Search

As the initial in our new collection of posts for the Great Samaritan Networking Team I would like to discuss what I think to be one of the most effective online tools for job hunting – LinkedIn.  If you have not already, I strongly recommend that you sign-up for a free account and total your online account.  Then link with individuals you have labored with or or else recognized nicely.  This will get you started forming a virtual community that can be very useful:

Community into your target businesses – If there are specific businesses you are attempting to get into, go to the Sophisticated Lookup function and enter the name of a business.  The results will show you how you are linked through your contacts to someone in that business.  Scan the list to see who might be the most influential individuals you can get to, and request an Introduction through your get in touch with.
Use key phrases in your account – Recruiters are increasingly utilizing LinkedIn to lookup for candidates that match their specs for openings.  Be certain your account consists of present industry phrases reflecting your experience.
Lookup the get in touch with lists of your direct connections – You never know who might be valuable there – request an introduction.
Import email addresses – You can import email addresses from other resources such as Yahoo or Gmail, and have LinkedIn request connections for you.  Increasing the size and attain of your community increases its value to you.
Be a part of pertinent groups – Be a part of groups from colleges you attended or businesses you’ve labored for – or groups such as Occupation-Hunt Assist or the Great Samaritan Networking Team! (sure, the GSNG has groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google)

Also, did I mention that you can lookup for jobs on LinkedIn?

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